handspun yarn getting back into the swing of things

getting back into the swing of things

Each Wednesday, I post a snapshot of the projects I’m working on, and where my brain is at.

Whew! Hello 2018!

Part of me feels like I’ve begun this whole year already behind, but another part of me reasons that, that is, of course, not possible, because a) a beginning implies clean slate, and a clean slate cannot coexist with “being behind.” And b) because the whole concept of “behind” might very well be an illusion, at least in the “we are all stardust” version of reality.

The end of 2017 coincided with wrapping up the second edition of the third book in the Shawl Geometry Series, which had a satisfying element of poetic timing about it. It turns out that the that third book took basically a year to update, and updating the whole series took two.

After that was Christmas, and then New Years, and then trying to get back into the swing of a regular schedule. Except, now, every coherent spare moment wasn’t focused on editing, and rewriting.

It’s been nice to have that space to putz around. Space to not have an overwhelming project in front of me asking for attention. Nice to have a spontaneous break from writing here each week.

But it’s also really nice to be back here.

It feels fantastic to sit here with an open blog post, and chat about what I’m working on, and where my brain is at.

There’s been almost no knitting, or spinning, or sewing, or crochet, or anything over the past couple weeks. My free time has been focused on vegging, and rewatching the Gilmore Girls. And it’s been wonderful.

But I’ve also just picked up a new spinning project. And updated all of the Shawl Geometry Blog Posts. And written a new post over on Who Wears Who?.

And the timing on all this feels beautifully right. It feels as though halfway through January I’m finally catching up with the beginning of my year.

You can learn all about the updated Shawl Geometry Series of Books right here.
Or get a sneak peek through the Shawl Geometry Blog Series here.

And read the new style post here on Who Wears Who?.

Here’s to a wonderful to 2018.

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