sweater sleeve

a longer sleeve, and a finished book!

Each Wednesday, I post a snapshot of the projects I’m working on, and where my brain is at.

And Shawl Geometry Book Three is finished, the update is sent out, and the latest edition is available for purchase!

I’m delighted that this is finally finished! It took far (FAR, FAR) longer than I originally thought it would to edit this book (which turned into completely rewriting it). And a little part of me is still shocked that it’s finished – I don’t need to make any more notes, or change any more commas, or check any more page numbers. It’s done, done.

You can learn more about all three of the books in the Shawl Geometry Series here. (Books one, two, and three, are also available on Ravelry, if you prefer purchasing there).

In other news, the first sleeve of my Fairchild sweater has gotten much longer, but it’ll still make fantastic travel knitting over the weekend. And I’ve been living in this sweater.

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