a week of knitting, and writing, and Shawl Geometry Two (2nd edition) is now available!

Each Wednesday, I post a snapshot of the projects I’m working on, and where my brain is at.

Knitting! I feel like haven’t knit ages! And to be real, I knit maybe two rows this week…

But I did pick up my Lady Bat Sweater, and figured out where I was again. Thankfully I made a note (I had frogged back to just before I reconnected for the second arm). So, I’ve reattached my yarn, and am starting to add more repeats to the front.

Other than that, I finished the sparkle jumpsuit from last week, while completely ignoring the over-shirt, and have been writing, writing, writing, editing, editing, editing away on Shawl Geometry Book Three.

And also! Drum-roll please!

I released the second edition of Shawl Geometry Book Two! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!

It’s here on the website. Or here on Ravelry.

If you’ve already bought the first edition of Shawl Geometry Book Two, check your inbox for the update!

You should have received an email with a download link for the second edition. That email also has instructions on how to get the book added to your Ravelry library.

If the link has expired, or you don’t see the email, (make sure you’re checking the email linked to your paypal account, and you checked your spam folder) – then, shoot me an email!

But if you don’t already own Shawl Geometry Book Two, take a look here and see what’s inside – I think you’re really going to like it.

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