November 16, 2016


Knitting as a way to make sense of the world.

Each Wednesday, I post a snapshot of the projects I’m working on, and where my brain is at.


Knitting something just to knit.

At this point, I’ve been knitting* for most of my life.
*and sewing, and embroidering, and generally making things with fabrics & fibers.

It hasn’t always been a consistent relationship, we’ve had our ebbs and flows, our ups and downs. But it has always been a constant one.

There’s something incredibly comforting, about the consistency of knitting.

Things have changed about my relationship to knitting (I’d say any relationship in which absolutely nothing has changed in a couple decades might not be healthy) – what I knit changes, what yarn I use changes, how I knit changes, why I knit changes.

But regardless of all that, the comfort I get from knitting remains consistent.

Yarn + Needles.
Shaping one loop, after one loop, after one loop, into rows.
Stacking one row, after one row, after one row, into inches.
Working one inch, after one inch, after one inch, into fabric.
Yarn + Needles + Effort + Time + Patience = Knitting.

This week, I’ve been knitting just for the sake of knitting.

Knitting as a way to remember what steadiness feels like.
Knitting as a way to pass the time, as time works it’s magic on grief.
Knitting as a way to escape when listening to friends who are afraid for their safety, leaves me numb.
Knitting as a way to find my footing again.
Knitting as a way to disengage – but only in order to reengage from a place where I have something to give.

So I cast on for a free-form something or other.

I’m not sure exactly what it will become. But it will become something steady & grounding.

PS. Two heads ups…

First. I’m bringing back “To Read Over Coffee” – a weekly link round up that I love, but fell out of the habit of writing. I think there’s too much happening in the knitting/sewing/style/fashion places of the internet to not share, and make connections between.

Second. The updated, edited & revised version of Shawl Geometry Book One is coming imminently. This project got a bit disrupted by my move at the beginning of September, but I’m hoping I can get the first book into your hands before (US) Thanksgiving.

If you’ve already bought the book, (thank you!) just keep an eye on your inbox for the update.
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