planning, prepping, drafting, sewing – Summer Wardrobe Infusion Update #1

self-drafted tank top pattern

Whenever I teach students who are first learning how to sew, they always comment on how much time we spend on prepping & finishing, with comparatively little time spent in front of the sewing machine. It’s true, sewing is all about planning, prepping, pressing and pinning.

And the planning & prepping stage is kind of also where my summer wardrobe infusion is hanging out at the moment.

I have all my fabrics, and am starting to print, draft & cut my patterns.

handmade tank top

Tank Tops & Camisoles

The Fabric: 2 yards of a solid black organic cotton
The Pattern: my own self drafted go-to tank top pattern
The Plan: re-draft pattern. cut. sew. wear.
Status: in the works

I redrafted my go-to racer back tank top pattern a couple nights ago, and whipped up a first tank top from it. I have a couple minor adjustments I want to make to the pattern, but nothing major.

I’ll be glad to get these made so I can start concentrating on other projects.

black & white jersey fabric


The Fabric: 1.5 yards of a burnt-out cotton jersey & 1 yard of a black/white/lime green graphic print silk/cotton blend & 1.5 yards of a black & white graphic print jersey
The Pattern: self-drafted/traced tees & possibly a hacked up Anna Dress
The Plan: make something… then wear it.
Status: in the wings.

I’m holding off on starting these until I get my planned tank tops & camisoles done. Though I did pick up a black & white jersey to add to the pile along with the black jersey and the black/white/green cotton/silk print.

Anna Dress Pattern print

Anna Maxi Dress

The Fabric: 3 yards of a lightweight blue & white print cotton.
The Pattern: the Anna Maxi Dress from By Hand London
The Plan: squeeze pattern out of fabric, sew & wear.
Status: in the works

I was debating going back to pick up another half yard or yard of this fabric because I have less than the pattern calls for.

I did go back (in the same trip I picked up the black & white jersey, and the upcoming yellow lining), but they had sold out.

So. The plan is still to squeeze this dress out of this fabric.

I printed & cut the pattern a couple nights ago, and I think I can make it work.

If all else fails I can always take some fullness out of the skirt.

plaid dress and lining

San Francisco Plaid Maxi Dress

The Fabric: 3.5 yards of a cotton gauze, bought in SF. A yellow rayon lining.
The Pattern: a copy of my current favorite summer dress.
The Plan: find a lining. Draft, cut, sew, wear.
Status: in the wings

I ended up choosing a beautiful, rich, yellow lining – and I’m really curious to see how this project turns out.

Like my Versio sweater, and my hand-knit sweater dress, this dress will probably end up being something I would never buy in a store. But like both of those sweaters, my guess is, I’ll end up loving it.

(Or totally despising it, but that’s always a possibility with anything.)

hand knitting

That no-longer neglected, lace weight sweater.

The Yarn: 2 cones of “Ito” picked up in San Francisco
The Pattern: my own top down raglan pattern
The Plan: knit. block. wear.
Status: mere rounds away from done

I’ve put in a handful of knitting hours here, and a handful of knitting hours there, and I think I’m only a round or two + a bind off away from having a  finished sweater!

And my guess is the moment I finish my bind off is the moment this dreary weather we’ve been having on the east coast will break.

So really…
I have to ignore this list of errands in favor of my knitting – it’s a public service.

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