when did making clothing by hand become the path of least resistance in my life?

Each Wednesday, I take stock of the projects I’m working on, and where my brain is at. 

swatches blocking in sun

Mood fabric haul

plaid dress and lining

black & white jersey fabric

recycled pattern paper

The main “making activity” of my week has been wet blocking Shawl Geometry swatches – which is turning into a rather large project.

Normally, this wouldn’t be such an endeavor. I’d block them on my bed, and it would probably take two or three round to get all the swatches wet blocked, but then that would be that.

However, I’m currently subletting and rather than sticking a whole bunch of pins into a mattress that is not mine – I’m blocking on a cork-board.

This has the added benefit of being able to block swatches overnight (the main drawback of blocking on a mattress is not being able to leave it overnight), but the downside is that I can only block a handful of swatches at a time. So, the whole process is taking a while. Le sigh.

So, I’ve been distracting myself by planning an infusion of summery clothing into my wardrobe.

But of course, when I was packing up the clothing I wasn’t taking on my trip with me, I didn’t really think this far ahead. I was more concerned about maximizing space efficiency over ease of unpacking. So everything is packed in vacuum seal bags, and nothing is packed by season.

So rather than going on a clothes hunting mission in my storage unit, which could very possibly be fruitless and just might end in tears – I’m planning an easy and breezy handmade summer wardrobe infusion.

Sort of like an extended Me-Made-May, or a truncated Self-Made Wardrobe Project, either way, a not “normal” way of adding clothing to your wardrobe.

And I’m sitting here wondering, when (for me) did making clothing by hand become the path of least resistance?!

Also! I scored the jackpot on recycled pattern paper – old theatrical lighting plots. Because of course, all my patterns are also in an unknown box in my storage unit…

Oh and! I am not forgetting about my laceweight sweater – it is sitting right next to me on my desk and getting a couple rounds added at a time. Luckily I’m working on the sleeves – so the rounds are short, and a couple rounds at a time for the past couple weeks, has resulted in getting about halfway down the second sleeve!

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