May 4, 2016


May is a month of making, and forgetting about making, and remembering about forgetting

Each Wednesday, I take stock of the projects I’m working on, and where my brain is at. 

mending a pair of jeans

Shawl Geometry Swatches

Me Made May Day 1

late night sweater knitting

Anna Dress Pattern print

There are some weeks when I come here to write my mid-week brain dump, I wake up with words on my tongue and a phone overflowing with photos.

While other weeks, I wake up positive that nothing has happened since last Wednesday, nothing new made, nothing new observed, or thought – but I come here only to find that this isn’t the case at all.

This morning was one of the latter mornings.

I woke up forgetting about: the pair of jeans I mended on Saturday, finishing up photographing the Shawl Geometry swatches(!), the first day of Me Made May, a couple late night knitting sessions & a finished sweater sleeve(!!), and printing off & taping out the Anna Dress pattern for my summer wardrobe infusion.

This morning I woke up having forgotten about all those things. Plus all the things that I didn’t photograph – moving, starting to create the schematics for the Shawl Geometry Books Update, writing a couple bonus articles for the Shawl Geometry Books Update, regular client work, having something of a social life, etc. etc.

Not to mention that May is the month for Me-Made-May – which every year I mean to pledge & participate in, and every year I never quite get around to it. And this year it is also the month for Mend It May, and #makermay over on Instagram.

So much making this month, and we’re only on the morning of the 4th day.

On mornings that I wake up with no words on my tongue, no recollection of any photos taken, or anything made – I wonder why I write this each week.

Then I come here and find myself with a plethora of things, and wonder how I could ever forget everything that has happened these past seven days.

And I remember, that I write this each week, to stop in and say hi, to find out what I have to say. I’ve had something to say every Wednesday morning for almost two years. This week probably isn’t the week of nothing.

And then I find myself promising to remember this pattern – promising to remember that I always have something to say – forgetting that forgetting this is the very next step.