steam blocked swatches, dark theaters, and storage units

Each Wednesday, I take stock of the projects I’m working on, and where my brain is at. 

shawl geometry swatches

long day in a dark theater

mesh roof

shawl shape swatches

While I spent an unexpectedly large amount of time this week working in a dark theater, I did manage to take an afternoon to dig out the original round of Shawl Geometry swatches. Naturally they were in a box at the very back of my storage unit, but I found them just the same.

One of the things I’m adding into the update of the Shawl Geometry Books, is information on how blocking effects the shape of your shawl.

My personally preferred method of blocking my shawls would put a medieval torturer to shame. But before I stretch these particular swatches on the rack, I steam blocked them all, so I could photograph and write about how steam blocking and wet blocking influence the shaping.
(side note: how the heck have I only written about blocking here, and here before?!)

On the writing words front – all of the knitting instructions are finally written. I have more techniques and explanations to write, (and tons more editing…) but all of the cast on -> bind off words are written. Whew.

This week, my hope is to re-swatch a couple swatches that ended up far out of proportion to all the others, photograph this round of swatches, and maybe possibly if the stars align, compile the first draft.

(And maybe also put in an evening or two on my neglected sweater, but that might be pushing it…)

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