“But either way, I’m still brain-broken and sock-less.” – To Read Over Coffee #11

A collection of links from the past few weeks that I think are interesting/amusing/educational/insightful enough to read/watch/listen & think about over a cup of coffee.

to read over coffee and knitting

Making, Mending, Art & Clothing:

An interesting article on fixing modern electronics which, like fast fashion clothing, that aren’t built to last or be easy to fix.

30 Fair Trade Clothing Brands that are Betting Against Fast Fashion

A love letter to a body, and some awesome handmade lingerie:

“So I’m posting these pictures as a love letter to my body, in its current state, to remind myself that this body deserves something special. And I think yours does too, no matter what it looks like on the outside.”

Amanda Palmer on art, money, and motherhood.

General Humanity:

“…how important it is for us to know about things we don’t know about, and how much it hurts to know these things, and the desire to help and the desire to find the right ways, and the desire to always hold the full truth of knowing that places and people are complicated, and what we hear of them from afar is only one thread in a tapestry.”

This! In the weekly Chicken (check-in) from Havi at The Fluent Self.

From Time Money – What ended up happening to the money from the ALS ice bucket challenge.

And from Jezebel “What ‘The Hustle’ Looks Like on Etsy in 2015”

If you like Sci-Fi and Fantasy:

10 things you may not know about ‘The Doctor’s Wife’ – The Doctor being Doctor Who, of course

Wired had a good piece on who won the Hugo Awards this year, and why it all mattered. And the comments to “I WON 5 HUGO AWARDS. And we all lost.” on The Bloggess, could fill years worth of reading time.

In the realm of real books:

Josef Albert is still breaking my brain. And “Trigger Warning” from Neil Gaiman is scaring my socks off (or maybe just making them disappear into the night.) But either way, I’m still brain-broken and sock-less.

So, what did I miss?
Have you read anything interesting, amusing, educational, insightful, or generally worth sharing, recently?

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