no knitting, no sewing, but a new shawl pattern

Each Wednesday, I take stock of the projects I’m working on.



Spira Shawl Fence

What I’m Working On…

: no knitting & no sewing; I spent a long weekend at TNNA, and that includes much talking time & lots of driving time – which you would think would translate into lots of knitting – but there was none.

: I did pick apart & frog a friend’s sweater (the ends were woven in and everything) – it’s amazing how much more fun frogging is when it’s not your knitting.

: And then because the sweater was knit with two strands of yarn held together, we re-wound each ball to separate the strands (Theresa took a mesmerizing video of it.)

: Also!! The Gauge + Tension shawl collection is available! Come check it out on Ravelry!

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