new sewing plans – The Self-Made Wardrobe Week 42

The Self-Made Wardrobe is a project where I only wear garments I’ve made.
It’s a year long experiment in getting dressed without clothing labels –
it’s a year about noticing patterns, trying things, and observing what happens.


Day 288 – Friday, May 15th
archer button up shirt // black tank top // black maxi skirt
robot necklace // bracelets // various rings // black flats


Day 289 – Saturday, May 16th
archer button up // black tank top // graphic silk circle skirt
clock robot necklace // bracelets // various rings // sneakers


Day 290 – Sunday, May 17th
the easiest jersey vest ever // black tank top // cascading flowers skirt
robot clock necklace // bead crochet bracelets // rings // black flats


Day 291 – Monday, May 18th
my 2nd purple pullover // black tank top // jeans
robot necklace // bracelets // rings // black flats


Day 292 – Tuesday, May 19th
archer button up shirt // black tank top // jeans
pocket watch necklace // various rings // black heels


Day 293 – Wednesday, May 20th
my 2nd archer button up shirt // black tank top // black maxi
robot clock necklace // various rings // black flats


Day 294 – Thursday, May 21st
blue kimono // black tank top // graphic silk circle skirt
pocket watch necklace // bead crochet bracelets // rings // sneakers

10 weeks to go…

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about some of the goals I had for the remainder of the self-made wardrobe, and with just 10 weeks left, I figured it was time to revisit them.

Goal 1: another chunky sweater. – didn’t happen. Oh well.
Goal 2: another light, thin, long sleeved pullover.Done! 
Goal 3: another 3−4 skirts. Started.
Goal 4: jeans.Ta-da!
Goal 5: start looking forward to summer. – Started? I made new tank tops.

Overall, that’s not too bad.

I think I’m now going to focus primarily on sewing skirts & summer things. I definitely want to make another pair of jeans, but I’m not positive that is 100% the most pressing project to be working on. And I still want to make that chunky sweater, but that will probably wait until the fall.

So, the new & revised goals:
Goal 1: 2-3 couple easy, light, breathable maxi dress (possibly a By Hand London’s “Anna,” maybe a simple drop waist 20’s inspired number) – otherwise it’s going to be a pretty miserable summer.
Goal 2: 3-4 more easy breezy skirts – I have plans & fabric for a few.
Goal 3: More tank tops… always more tank tops.

That’s totally doable! We’ll see how it pans out.

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