Finished: Black & White Vine Print Skirt




I’ve always loved an elastic waist skirt that doesn’t look bulky, or frumpy, or lazy, and I think this skirt fits that bill perfectly.


– About 3 yards of a very light weight, slightly translucent fabric. (The fabric was actually a pair of curtains that a friend was getting rid of, and so this skirt came into being all Scarlett O’Hara like.)
– Black thread
– 1” elastic


This is a pretty basic circle skirt with a handkerchief hem, and an elastic waistband. My graphic silk circle skirt was this same style, and I love this basic recipe for it’s ease & simplicity.
For this skirt, I cut three layers, and layered them so that the points at the hem are offset. Then I added a waistband, and hemmed miles of hem.



I love the cut. I love the fullness. And I adore the fact that it’s an elastic waist skirt that still looks put-together.


There are two alterations I’m contemplating making.

I’d like to shorten the hem by an inch or two – though I’m not looking forward to hemming all that hem again.

And I think I’d like to tea stain it – the white is currently a very stark white. Maybe I’ll do that when it gets it’s first stain. At the moment the print on the bottom layers is pretty clearly visible through the top layer, and I think tea staining might help with this also.

But other than those two tiny alterations, I’m pretty damn happy with this project.


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  1. I love this! Spring has definitely given me the sewing bug and your skirt is inspiring me in a big way. So simple and yet so elegant. I think I might need to have one too…

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