December 10, 2014


this week, I’m knitting a sweater completely out of order

Each Wednesday, I post little snippets about what’s happening, and what I’m working on.

work in progress sweater

This week I focused my knitting time on my super simple raglan pullover. And what should have been a straightforward sweater, turned into a not-so-straightforward project.

Because, I’m knitting this thing completely out of order.

I started at the neck, planning a basic top down raglan sweater.
I knit the neckline, the yoke, the waist decreases and got to the waist.
Then I tried it on, and hated how the neckline looked.
So I put the sweater on hold until I decided what to do.

Eventually, I decided to cut the entire yoke off.
So I cut off the yoke, and wound that yarn back into a ball.
I put those stitches on waste yarn, and worked through the hip increases.
The body was done. (Maybe. I might decide it’s not actually done.)
Then I put the body of the sweater, (without it’s yoke), aside.

Using a provisional cast on, I cast on for the bicep circumference of the first sleeve, and knit three inches. Then I did the same for the second sleeve.
I put the lives stitches for both sleeve stumps on extra circular needles,
then picked out both provisional cast ons and put those on 2 more needles.

I picked the torso of the sweater back up,
removed the waste yarn that I inserted after cutting off the yoke,
slipped the underarm stitches onto (yet more) waste yarn,
and knit the sleeves to the sweater body.

Now I’m knitting the yoke. Again.

Then the plan is to knit the rest of the sleeves, and maybe add length to the body.

Because why should a straightforward sweater be straightforward.