7 tips on crafting for yourself this holiday season

7 tips on crafting for yourself this holiday season

Personally, I’m going the “not crafting for other people this year” route, but I know that’s not always an option. And if you’re crafting for other people during the holidays, it can be hard finding time to craft for yourself. So I’ve put together some tips on how to craft for yourself, while crafting for other people, while making it through the holidays.

These are primarily knitting related tips, but they can translate into other crafts.

Tip 1: only craft for people who are really and truly craft worthy. Not everyone appreciates handmade, and that’s ok. Just save handmade for people who “get it.”

Tip 2: put the intricate lace shawl aside. I love my lace, but it does not make for good holiday knitting. If you’re making big & complex things for other people you probably should’ve started in July, and if the project is for you, I say put it away till January.

Tip 3: simple projects. Projects that you can work on while being around people, and projects that you can pick up and put down easily are the way to go. Simple knitting & crochet projects are excellent for this.

Tip 4: carve out time for yourself. Even if it’s just 20 minutes to work on a personal project.

Tip 5: split your crafting time into “time you’re crafting around other people” and “time you’re crafting alone.” This is kind of a combination/variation on Tips 3 & 4. You can designate your “crafting time around people” as personal crafting time, and then work on other people’s gifts during the time you’re alone – this works especially well if you’re trying to keep the projects a secret. OR you can designate the “time you’re crafting around other people” as “time to work on simple projects” and the “time you’re crafting alone” as “time to work on complicated projects.” Which ever works for you.

Tip 6: only craft for yourself. Don’t try crafting for people and jump straight to getting gifts made by other people. This is a sure-fire way of having time to craft for yourself & gives you an opportunity to support independent makers, and small businesses.

Tip 7: decide to make gifts at the very last minute. Every year I say I’m not going to make gifts, and then every year, a week or so before Christmas I change my mind. This means that the week leading up to Christmas is kind of a crafting nightmare, but the weeks leading up to the week before Christmas are all about crafting for me.

This year, the plan is (again) to not craft for Christmas, and instead to focus my crafting time on the self-made wardrobe, (and not being cold.)

But of course, that’s what I always say. So we’ll see what happens.

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  1. I’ve made tons of xmas gifts every year for the last couple of years, all quick and easy and useful things. This year, I’m boycotting gift knitting and focusing on myself… except for socks for my husband, and now maybe a cowl for my cousin, and then.. and then… and then… I think #7 is gonna bite me in the ass this year.

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