November 6, 2014


The Moonstruck Cardigan

Moonstruck Cardigan

DSC_0558(sorry about the blurriness – but it gives you an idea of the size of the collar)

Moonstruck Cardigan

I’ve never been too much of a sweater knitter (my thing was mostly lace shawls that I don’t wear). Prior to the self-made wardrobe project, I had finished:

1. a sweater for myself that I accidentally felted

2. a super straightforward & easy sweater that I knit during Hurricane Sandy

3. and this sweater, which I knit in the fall of 2010.

The pattern is “Moonstruck” by A. Karen Alfke, from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, and the yarn is Dream in Color “Classy.”

I knit the sweater on a US 7, and reworked the pattern to match my gauge. If I remember correctly, I did a bunch of math, and then just ended up knitting a size or two larger.

Amazingly enough, I’m not sure there’s anything I would change about this sweater. All-over ribbing. Asymmetrical front. Beautiful buttons. Set-in sleeves that are long enough(!)  And a dramatic collar. Total win!

I keep meaning to add a hook & eye to keep the bottom from gaping – after almost 4 years, I’ve accepted that’s never going to happen, so I usually just let the bottom gape, and if it’s a problem, I close it with a safety pin.

I think my favorite thing about this sweater is the color. I love that’s it’s almost-but-not-really a black. It’s kind of a “bad black.”

The yarn is “Classy” from Dream in Color, and the colorway is either “Black Pearl” or “Cocoa Kiss.” I think. I originally wanted to use “Black Pearl” but the shop didn’t have enough skeins, so I ended up with “Cocoa Kiss.” (This is what I get for not taking proper notes…) And either way I love how it turned out.

Moonstruck Cardigan

Moonstruck Cardigan

(This sweater could definitely use a date with a sweater Gleener.)