The Self-Made Wardrobe Month 2

A checked-in with the experiment of getting dressed without clothing labels.


How Often Did I wear What?

Black tank top: 29 days
Black maxi skirt with a slit: 8 days
Graphic Silk Circle Skirt: 8 days
The easiest jersey vest ever: 8 days
Cascading flowers maxi skirt: 6 days
Red & white striped pirate skirt: 4 days
Blue kimono: 3 days
The birds & bicycle flare skirt: 2 days
Moonstruck sweater: 1 day
Jersey wrap dress: 1 day
Gingham skirt: 1 day

Why Did I Wear What When I Did?

Black tank top – my default always. I have a couple of them that I rotate. Next I think I’m going to try perfecting a camisole.

Black maxi skirt with a slit – I always feel a little lost for what to say about this skirt. It’s a black maxi skirt with a slit. It’s easy to wear, it was easy to make, it’s easy to style, it’s easy to run around it. It wins this month for ease.

Graphic silk circle skirt – part of what I love so much about this skirt is that it’s easy to throw on and very comfortable, but since it’s a silk, it looks more put together than it would if the same skirt were made in a cotton. (Now, I sort of want a version of this skirt in cotton, and one in wool.)

The easiest jersey vest ever – no seriously. the easiest vest ever. 1 yard of light weight jersey with two slits cut in it. That’s it.

Cascading flowers maxi skirt – I think it’s interesting that this skirt dominated August, but September had more balance between my black maxi skirt, my graphic silk circle skirt, and this skirt.

Red & white striped pirate skirt – arrrggghhh!

Blue kimono – sometimes the quickest projects and cheapest makes turn out the best. This kimono gets complements almost every single time I walk out the door in it. I think it’s the fabric.

The birds & bicycle flare skirt – It’s interesting to think about how frequently we wear certain garments, and how that changes over time. A couple summers ago I absolutely *lived* in this skirt, now I only pull it out every once in a while.

Moonstruck sweater – (I figured out the name! and it turns out I guessed correctly!) This was one of the first successful sweaters I knit. The pattern is the “Moonstruck Sweater” from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, and the yarn is Dream in Color “Classy.” I don’t wear it often, because I keep meaning to add a hook & eye to keep the bottom from gaping. Even though it’s a 15 minute alteration, I just keep putting it off, so for now I’m using a safety pin.

Jersey wrap dress – I forgot about this dress a little bit this month.

Gingham skirt – maybe this skirt has a superpower that means I can only wear it once a month? But probably not, it’s more I have a couple alterations that I want to do to it, and I keep putting them off in favor of making new pieces.


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2 Responses

  1. Has anyone said anything about how often you wear each piece? How do you deal with laundry? More often? Are you getting bored wearing pieces over again? I’m not a fashion freak so it wouldn’t bother me but I do hit a certain ceiling where I can’t stand a piece of clothing and sideline it for a while. BTW, I like the additional notes on the last few posts. Nicely done.

    1. Holly

      Thanks so much for commenting Bobbi.

      Most people I see often know about the project, so they understand why I’m wearing the same pieces over and over. (Though I’m sure there are some people in my neighborhood who just think I’m weird.)

      Some days I’m completely sick of my entire closet, and that usually motivates me to finish up or make new pieces.

      As for laundry, I hand wash everything. Mostly because I don’t often have enough dirty clothing for a full load of laundry, and partly because it means I can wash a couple pieces every few days. This gives me more flexibility as to what I can wear, because it means that I can’t wear the 2 or 3 pieces that are air drying, instead of not being able to wear the 10 pieces that are dirty.

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