October 20, 2014


The Self-Made Wardrobe Month 2

A checked-in with the experiment of getting dressed without clothing labels.


How Often Did I wear What?

Black tank top: 29 days
Black maxi skirt with a slit: 8 days
Graphic Silk Circle Skirt: 8 days
The easiest jersey vest ever: 8 days
Cascading flowers maxi skirt: 6 days
Red & white striped pirate skirt: 4 days
Blue kimono: 3 days
The birds & bicycle flare skirt: 2 days
Moonstruck sweater: 1 day
Jersey wrap dress: 1 day
Gingham skirt: 1 day

Why Did I Wear What When I Did?

Black tank top – my default always. I have a couple of them that I rotate. Next I think I’m going to try perfecting a camisole.

Black maxi skirt with a slit – I always feel a little lost for what to say about this skirt. It’s a black maxi skirt with a slit. It’s easy to wear, it was easy to make, it’s easy to style, it’s easy to run around it. It wins this month for ease.

Graphic silk circle skirt – part of what I love so much about this skirt is that it’s easy to throw on and very comfortable, but since it’s a silk, it looks more put together than it would if the same skirt were made in a cotton. (Now, I sort of want a version of this skirt in cotton, and one in wool.)

The easiest jersey vest ever – no seriously. the easiest vest ever. 1 yard of light weight jersey with two slits cut in it. That’s it.

Cascading flowers maxi skirt – I think it’s interesting that this skirt dominated August, but September had more balance between my black maxi skirt, my graphic silk circle skirt, and this skirt.

Red & white striped pirate skirt – arrrggghhh!

Blue kimono – sometimes the quickest projects and cheapest makes turn out the best. This kimono gets complements almost every single time I walk out the door in it. I think it’s the fabric.

The birds & bicycle flare skirt – It’s interesting to think about how frequently we wear certain garments, and how that changes over time. A couple summers ago I absolutely *lived* in this skirt, now I only pull it out every once in a while.

Moonstruck sweater – (I figured out the name! and it turns out I guessed correctly!) This was one of the first successful sweaters I knit. The pattern is the “Moonstruck Sweater” from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, and the yarn is Dream in Color “Classy.” I don’t wear it often, because I keep meaning to add a hook & eye to keep the bottom from gaping. Even though it’s a 15 minute alteration, I just keep putting it off, so for now I’m using a safety pin.

Jersey wrap dress – I forgot about this dress a little bit this month.

Gingham skirt – maybe this skirt has a superpower that means I can only wear it once a month? But probably not, it’s more I have a couple alterations that I want to do to it, and I keep putting them off in favor of making new pieces.


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