July 18, 2014


Three and a Half Things to Remember About Frogging

3.5 things to remember about frogging

1. it sucks.

2. we all do it.

3. a stitch in time, and all that jazz.

3 1/2. ribbit. ribbit.

Ripping out your knitting is never fun.
It can sometimes feel freeing, but that doesn’t make it fun.
And most of the time watching all those stitches disappear just sucks.
(It stings less with experience, but I don’t think it ever totally stops sucking.)

It happens to everyone.
Sooner or later you’ll need to rip out a chunk of a project
Alternatively, you could completely detached yourself from the finished object.
(Frogging is generally easier than detaching. But then again, sometimes it’s not.)

A stitch in time. Rip off the band aid. Bite the bullet. Etc.
If you have that niggling feeling you need to rip out, just do it.
Frogging one inch of knitting is a lot less painful than frogging six inches.
(If you’re unsure, don’t frog. But stop knitting now, and check again tomorrow.)

And the half.
I can’t say frogging without mentally adding a deadpan “ribbit. ribbit.”
It always makes me giggle.

(ribbit. ribbit.)