July 11, 2014


I’m looking for yarn storage ideas. How do you store yarn?

yarn storage 1

So, part of dealing with bedbugs is having to wash/dry all your clothes & linens (and in my case yarn, fabric, and fiber) on hot, before sealing them all away in plastic bags.

The heat kills any bugs that might be living in the fabrics, and once they’re washed you seal them away so they can’t get reinfected before the apartment is treated.

In the endless cleaning and packing, I’ve realized a couple things,

: You can fit an amazing amount of crap in an apartment.

: I have a lot of shoes. And shoes are very hard to pack.

: This whole thing is a giant pain in the ass.

: And it gives me the chance to reorganize my yarn & fabric.

All my yarn and fabric used to live in bins under my bed, but that wasn’t very accessible. Plus now the idea of storing things under my bed creeps me out a bit.

Of course since this is an apartment, with somewhat limited storage, I just might end up going back to bins under the bed, with everything individually ziplocked.

But I wanted to ask, how do you store your yarn?

Maybe you have a system I can draw some much needed inspiration from.

So, how do you store your yarn?

Leave a comment and let me know!