Seriously, this shawl is keeping me from going crazy.

Still sick, but feeling a bit better than last week.

knitted shawl

But I started knitting a new shawl. Yay!
It’s a simple half circle (based on the concentric half circle out of Shawl Geometry II), out of the Verdant Gryphon’s Eidos, colorway “fenris.” It’ll be mostly solid stockinette, with some sort of contrasting stripe at the bottom.
It’s being perfect mindless knitting, which is exactly what I need right now.
Seriously, this shawl is keeping me from going crazy.



all of my fabric, the rest of my yarn, and many of my clothes are currently sitting in giant plastic Ziploc bags. That’s because my apartment needs to be treated for bedbugs (eww!) We don’t have a full blown infestation (thankfully), but the exterminator did find some evidence of them, so everything needs to be washed and sealed up, and then the apartment can get treated. (It’s absolutely amazing, how much stuff will fit in one apartment.)


But all of that means I hit the pause button on The Self-Made Wardrobe project.

Sad face.

I’ll definitely hit unpause and restart the project at some point, but for the moment, I couldn’t keep it going on top of everything else.

‘One moment please.’

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