Instant gratification

Instant gratification and knitting.

I’m a huge fan of instant gratification. But when we talk about instant gratification and knitting we’re usually talking about “instant gratification projects,” the projects you can start and finish in a sitting, quick-y little projects that give you a finished object “NOW.” The projects that are the antithesis of big shawls on tiny needles, I like knitting.

But really even these tiny projects aren’t instant gratification.

Four or five hours for a hat is about as delayed as instant gratification could get.

And I like my gratification a little more instant than that.

I don’t look for instant gratification from finishing my projects (mostly cause I wouldn’t find it.)
Gratification and satisfaction? Absolutely.
Instant gratification? Not so much.

I much prefer the instant gratification I get from the act of knitting.
The yarn, the needles, the movement, the rhythm.
It’s kind of like instant happy brain.

Knitting isn’t so good for instant object gratification.

But it’s fabulous for instant feelings gratification. Which is what knitting is really about, right?

Because if what we were after, was really the hat (right now), we’d just go buy the damn thing.


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