Administraaavia! Shawls and Moves

Administraaavia!- the administrative bits and pieces. Except exaggerated, with a silly hat and a feather boa. Which makes it not so boring.


thing 1: Lapidarius

Lapidarius now available through the Verdant Gryphon! YAY!

Grab the pattern, pick up some yarn, and have fun knitting.

Thing 2: Website move

Well, I’m aiming for more of a meander or a shift, than a MOVE. Because I’m kind of over moving for awhile (4 moves in 8 months will do that to you). So it’s a website shift from hollychayes.wordpress.com to just hollychayes.com.

The old site should be redirecting to seamlessly to the new one, but if you run into any dead ends or stuckness, let me know.

Thing 3: this week’s shawl geometry Post

Because of the website move shift there are a bunch of people subscribed to the old blog, who aren’t currently subscribed to the new one. It takes a bit of time to move shift their subscriptions from the old site to the new site.

So I’m holding off on this week’s Shawl Geometry post for a couple days, until this shift happens so that it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.


ALSO I cast on a new shawl last night, that 1. isn’t my pattern (yay!) 2. is going really fast! (double yay!) and 3. is beautiful, simple and puuurty (yay! yay! yay!). All of which means that Wednesday will have knitting! (capslock YAY!)



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