Shawl Geometry III

Shawl Geometry III is here! YAY!

Shawl Geometry III cover

Shawl Geometry III: the relationships behind the numbers is the third part of the Shawl Geometry Series, and is nothing like the first two books. It’s not a book of formulas, or step by step knitting instructions. This is a book about theory. It’s geeky, and weird, and crazypants, and totally awesome all at the same time.

This book focuses on the relationships between shawl shapes. It shows how all of the shapes are connected, and how you can turn shape A into shape B into shape C, by slightly manipulating the placement of your increases.

Shawl Geometry III lays out and explains how 37 shawl shapes fit together, and are built off of one another. By explaining how the shapes are all connected, the book demonstrates the relationships between the shapes.

Understanding the relationships in your knitting means you know why and how to turn one shawl shape into another. It puts power and control over your knitting, in your hands.

Come get the book. Or check out the video and the map. Then get the book.



Here’s the small version of the video, but you can see the large version here.

…and have a fantastic weekend! -Holly

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