Shawl Geometry: Wedge Circles

This is the second post in a series about different shawl shapes and how to knit them. All the posts in the series can be found right here.

Shawl Geometry: all the knit shawl shapes you could even need

The Wedge Circle from the center out

The Wedge Circle falls into the category of shaping a circular that I call the “knit an octagon and block it into a circle.”

In this circular shawl, we use eight right triangular wedges that, when blocked, create the “swirl” effect that this shawl is sometimes named after. The eight right triangle wedges are created by working eight single, evenly spaced increases (or decreases) every other round.

Knitting Instructions

CO 8sts. Join in the round, being careful not to twist.
{8 sections}

R1: (pm, yo, k1) 8 times.
R2: knit around.
R3: (sm, yo, k to marker) 8 times.
R4: knit around.
Rep R3&4 to desired dimensions.
Bind off loosely.
This shaping actually creates an octagon, which you then block into a circle.

Note: To make the swirl curl in the opposite direction simply (yo, k to marker) every other round, rather then (k to marker, yo).

The Wedge Circle from the hem in

To work a circular shawl made up of wedges from the hem to center, use the same concept and similar formulas as working a square shawl from the hem to center.

Calculating your cast on

Determine your final gauge and the desired radius of your shawl.
The radius is half the width of your final shawl, or the length from the center to the edge of your shawl.
[Round gauge] x [desired radius] = [# of rnds]
[# of rnds] / 2 = [# of dec rnds]
[# of dec rnds] x [8sts decreased per dec rnd] = [# of sts decreased]
Make sure this number is divisible by 8.
[# of sts decreased] = [# of sts to CO]

Calculating your stitch marker placement

[# of sts decreased] / [8 shawl sections] = [# of sts in one section aka Y]

Knitting Instructions

CO [# of sts to CO].

R1: (pm, ssk, kY minus two) 8 times.
R2: knit around.

R3: (sm, ssk, k to marker) 8 times.
R4: knit around.

Rep R3&4 to 8sts.

Bind off loosely.
Break, yarn, leaving a tail, and thread the tail through all live sts, pull tight and weave in your end. (The same way you would finish off the crown of a hat.)

So if you cast on 48 sts. Join in the round, being careful not to twist.
R1: (pm, k6) 8 times.
R2: (sm, k4, k2tog) 8 times.
R3: knit around.
R4: (sm, k to 2 sts before marker, k2tog) 8 times.
Repeat R3&4.
Bind off loosely.

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