January 30, 2013


Progress in 10

I’m always working on some project or another, and most weeks I talk about what I’m working on Wednesdays as part of Tami’s WIP Wednesday project. You can see other WIP Wednesdays … here.

I usually work with tiny yarn on tiny needles, and it usually takes awhile to see much progress. So I think this sweater is a little magical. (This is the sweater that I inherited from a friend who was just over it.)

I can knit for 10 minutes and complete more than part of a round. Especially now that I’m working on the sleeves, and a round takes about a minute.


The plan is to work about 6 inches of black ribbing at the end of each sleeve. Then pick up and knit up one front, around the neck, and down the other front, knit a couple inches to make a band/collar, then add a chunky zipper.

Maybe I’ll finish in time to wear it this year.