January 23, 2013


Coming Up Next

I’m always working on some project or another, and most weeks I talk about what I’m working on Wednesday evenings as part of Tami’s WIP Wednesday project. You can see other WIP Wednesdays … here.

There are currently three ideas fighting for the spot of next to be cast on.


These two skeins of Tosh Merino Light want to become a large sweeping shawl which incorporates two alternating stitches of some kind.


Three skeins of Plucky Knitter here. Two “Sticky Toffee” in Traveler, and one “Chlorophyll” in Primo Finger. Wanting to be a garter stitch square shawl with a slit from the center to the hem (same shape as Spider Silk) with a striping sequence and strategically placed stitch motifs throughout.


The final idea is one skein of Tosh Merino light that I want to make into a shallow triangular shawl, maybe with eyelet rows every now and then. Keeping the overall design simple.

Of course there are tons of other skeins also shouting “cast me on, cast me on.” These just happen to be the loudest. Have an opinion? Let me know!

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