October 17, 2012


WIPs for WIP Wednesday

for once.

I have works in progress to post about, and it’s Wednesday, which means I have WIPs for WIPs Wednesday. Possibly for the first time ever.

Three things on the needles at the moment. One closer to done than not. One coming up on the middle, comfortable established, but still newer. And one that’s just a baby, which I need to restart tonight or tomorrow.

I’ve shown this blob of blue before. I’m knitting my Arrowhead Stole pattern, out of tosh lace in lapis, on 3.00mm needles. I powered through the last section of the main body, picked up stitches all the way around and started the knit on edging over the weekend.

Now I’m a couple repeats past when this photo was taken, so I’m about a third of the way done with the second side. Maybe I’ll be able to finish this side this week and start on the third.


This is a newer project, but is already starting to bunch up on the needles, that’s what I get for working with thicker than lace weight yarn.

It’s a top down triangular shawl knit out of Prisim’s Saki yarn in Periwinkle and Copper Penny. The photo in no way does the colors justice, they’re beautiful together. I’m doing a two row stripe sequence that shows off the colors, much like in Malus domestica, but in this shawl I’m also incorporating lace elements inspired, in part by Arctic Lace, and the geometric lace included in that book.

(the piece on the left is the swatch, the piece on the needles is the project.)

I started this last night, but think I need to rip and restart. It’s an asymmetrical triangularesqu shawl, and I don’t think I hit the shaping on the head this time. Ah well maybe tomorrow.
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