Growing In Leaps and Bounds

If I didn’t know better I’d say elves were involved, but alas that’s not the case, just me, a lot of reading, and a lot of movies.

I’m now on the third ball (and last) ball of yarn for The Big Orange Blob. I knit through almost all of the second ball last weekend, during a textbook reading marathon, but it has been put on hold until I can chart out the next section. Once I get it charted out, I don’t think the actual knitting will take too long. Maybe I can get it done this week? It’s been awhile since I finished anything big, and it would be nice to have this off the needles.

But charting and finishing The Big Orange Blob, will depend entirely on if I can rip my attention away from Ponycorns and Rainbow Fragments.

I’m just knitting till I run out of yarn, which seems like it’ll be sometime soon, especially if I keep working on it like I have been the past few days. (read: I’ve been doing nothing but knitting this freaking shawl since Friday.)

I’ve managed to add another couple inches to the Not Quite Argyle Jacket, and I’m now almost done with the waist decreases.

And amazingly enough, despite everything else that has been going on, Ghosts & Mirrors has managed to elbow it’s way into a couple knitting hours and has almost doubled in size since the last time you saw it (almost a month ago).

Hopefully the next post will contain an FO. Maybe. Fingers crossed.

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