April 20, 2010


1 Day Off, 1 Day On

So I took yesterday “off” and it was a good idea in terms of getting homework done, but it felt weird. On one hand I went through the whole day feeling like there was something that I should be doing, on another hand it meant that I got homework done and turned in which was a very good thing. I also did a bit of work on some art/craft projects that will take longer than a day or two to complete. At least for the moment, I’m thinking that Mondays will be up in the air days. When I can do my hour of paperwork and my art/craft, or I can do one or the other, or I can do neither, and I’ll simply play each Monday by ear.

On to today. My hour of paperwork today wasn’t so much an hour of paperwork as 4-5 hours of “swatching.” And when I say “swatching” I mean starting a shawl that I was expecting to have to rip out after a few rows to re-design the chart, and then I just kept going.

Birdy Shawl/Scarf "Swatch"

Not so much a swatch anymore. I did end up changing a few minor things, but decided those changes weren’t enough to justify ripping and re-knitting the whole thing for the 4th or 5th time. It’s knit out of Socks That Rock Chickabiddy (which doesn’t seem to be available anymore -tear-) medium weight, on US 8 (?). I’m hoping to design the entire shawl so that it is knit out of one skein, or approximately 380 yards.

Tree Sketch

Another simple sketch for today this time of a tree. I was going to keep it black and white, but then really like the idea of lime green as a suggestion of leaves, and so I added the brown into the roots to balance the green.

Contrary to my initial thoughts, I’m finding that I have much more to say about the knitting design paperwork than the piece of art/craft. I’m not sure if this will continue or if, as I finish and post larger, more time consuming projects, that this will change, but I do find it interesting.