April 18, 2010


Days Three and Four

Yesterday’s hour of paperwork was spent charting the pattern for the “Orange Spicy Scarf,” and “J’s Christmas Scarf ’09” (a better name to come), and starting writing the pattern for “J’s Christmas Scarf ’09.” Then today was spent finishing the write up and charting, then swatching, then ripping out the swatch for a triangular birdy shawl/scarf. No pictures of the swatch, silly me. Hopefully I’ll finish the chart and swatch either tomorrow or the next day, and then there will be pictures.

Day Three ATCs

The art/craft from yesterday is a pair of ATCs. They were quick and fun, and I like them.

Day Four Doodle

Today was just a doodle of an eye with swirls. I feel kind of meh about it, though it might make a cool stencil or notebook cover.

I’m toying with the idea of taking Mondays off for the rest of the semester, just because of my classes, and how my homework schedule ends up working out. For the moment I’m undecided, I think I’ll play tomorrow by ear and then decide about the next few weeks. Either way, this would only be till the end of the semester which is a few weeks away (a rather terrifying thought).