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It’s Been Awhile

It may have been awhile since I last posted, but I’ve been a little busy. In the past few weeks I’ve…


attempted to stay on track with my hour a day of paperwork. This hasn’t gone great, but I have charted and swatched a few things, began formatting the pattern for A Study in Grey, kept in touch with all  my test knitters for the Arrowhead Stole, scheduled and re-scheduled a photo-shoot more than a few times, and am getting ready to launch Climbing Trellis in the next few days.

Study in Grey

made a very, very, teeny, tiny dent in the copy paper box full of knitting to wash and block. The second photo is my entire living room floor covered in drying knitting.

Blocking Box

Blocking Photo

the Putty Waves scarf off the needles. I’m still looking for a better name though.

Putty Waves scarf

added a bunch of repeats to Que Sera, knit out of a cotton recycled from an old sweater. It’s ready to split for the armholes but,

Que Sera

I’ve put Que Sera down to work on Icy Fields. Which has been on the needles for a ridiculous amount of time and has very recently gone through it’s 3rd or 4th re-design.

Icy Fields

started spinning 4oz of some Yarn Love roving in the colorway Belle.


None of the projects shown in the last post are still on the needles. The project on the bottom turned into a scarf for Lara’s mother’s birthday. It is currently sitting in the pile to be blocked and then gifted. The other two projects were swatches that just weren’t going as planned. The green one got ripped, recently re-charted, and is waiting to be swatched again. The white was going to be Cables and Lace, but the yarn got turned into a blanket/rug instead. I think I’m going to get another fleece or two, and keep adding to the current rug until it’s blanket size. Since it’s a log cabin blanket adding to it over time won’t be that hard.

Rug Blanket 1

Rug/Blanket 2

and most importantly spent some quality time with an adorable kitty.




Busy Busy Bee

Too much to do, not enough time. No new blog posts from me until after exams are done and projects turned in.

But here’s a very small (I have lots to talk about) sneak peak.



Patterning Update Today, Crafting Update Tomorrow

Hopefully I’ll get better at updating once the semester is done and there is less crazy. But for now at least sporadic updates (hopefully at least twice a week) is all I can manage.

Not a huge amount has happened on the design front because I had an 8 page paper due Friday, which in reality was an 11 page paper, because I found I kept having more to say, and today I finished the first of 5 large final projects.

Wednesday I charted out the pattern for the Dancing Girls Scarf, and wrote up the pattern. It turns out I had written out the pattern before, but in a very unclear and messy sort of way. So I found it easier just to rewrite the pattern. Thursday I charted, then swatched, then ripped for a dragonfly inspired tam that I have floating around in my brain. Friday my brain was so fried after the paper that I just wrote out a few descriptions for some projects. Saturday was spent doing a bunch of little things, like knitting a stockinette gauge swatch to fill in the gauge for one pattern, adding a few things to one or two charts, and I started writing up the pattern for a fair isle bag that I knit my mother for Christmas last year. Sunday I finished up writing and charting the fair isle bag and started the swatch for Cables and Lace. The swatch is stalled, because I’m not sure if the yarn really wants to be a shawl. Monday I spent about 15 minutes on a swatch for a new shawl (not cables and lace). While, today was spent writing up and charting the pattern for a colorwork collar/cowl/thing.

Tomorrow will hopefully be sunny so I can take pictures and write an update on the art/crafting side of things.