Welcome! I'm Holly Chayes.

This online space has been around in one form or another since 2010, it focuses on making, creativity and living a curious life, plus a lot of clothing.

Some of the projects I've worked on in the past 10+ years include...

Talking About Clothes with Holly Chayes

An interview podcast that's all about clothing (and also, not *really* about clothing at all). Find all the details and listen to conversations about comfort, style, change and shopping here. Or search for Talking About Clothes with Holly Chayes wherever you listen to podcasts.

Who Wears Who?

A personal style coaching and content practice devoted to helping you own and wear your clothes intentionally, instead of being worn by them. Discover your own style guidance, and learn more about the practice of intentional style at WhoWearsWho.com

The Self-Made Wardrobe Project

Predecessor to Who Wears Who, a year-long challenge in 2014/2015 where I only wore clothes I made. That year would have been a lot easier if the clothes had magically made themselves. Learn more about The Self-Made Wardrobe Project and explore the archives here.

The Shawl Geometry Book Series

Enough shawl shapes to keep you knitting for a lifetime. A multi-year exploration of math, shape and space in knitting, where I documented traditional shawl shaping, and iterated on those traditions to create new recipes of shawl shaping. Ultimately this lead to 75+ shapes, and 400+ pages of common and uncommon shawl shaping instructions. This project was inspired by a dozen individual shawl designs, each encapsulating a love of geometric lace design. You can find The Shawl Geometry Series here.


Thank you for being here with me. –Holly

Updates and New Definitions

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated, but I’ve kept surprisingly up to date, at least with the designing paperwork part. All of the days have kind of been blurring together a little bit (as normally happens at the end of the semester), but as best as I can remember, Friday I re-touched the chart for Cables & Lace, and wrote the pattern for the Green Tea Scarf. I just needed to redistribute the decreases on the Cables & Lace chart, but it’s looking like this pattern will have to go through multiple versions, and multiple swatches, to get the final stole looking how I want it. The Green Tea Scarf, on the other hand is already on the needles and more than half way done, it’s the beginning of a series of shawls and scarves I’m designed based on various teas. As a matter of fact, the Orange Spicy Scarf...
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In Which I Find I Have a Lot to Say

Apparently I’m not very good at updating everyday, even though I am managing to keep up with my paperwork and art/craft project. Yesterday I managed to double and triple check, and polish, and tweak the patterns for “Climbing Trellis” and the “Arrowhead Stole” and get them sent out to the first test knitter. Because they are my first patterns I’m sending them both to Lara for her to test knit first, and then to other test knitters, once the huge kinks have been worked out. Today I charted and printed the re-designed “Birdy Shawl” chart, and created a first draft of the chart for a new stole design. At the moment I’m calling it The Cables & Lace Stole, but that will hopefully change throughout the design process. This new stole is now waiting in the wings, along with a pair of arm warmers, to be swatched. Once I have...
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1 Day Off, 1 Day On

So I took yesterday “off” and it was a good idea in terms of getting homework done, but it felt weird. On one hand I went through the whole day feeling like there was something that I should be doing, on another hand it meant that I got homework done and turned in which was a very good thing. I also did a bit of work on some art/craft projects that will take longer than a day or two to complete. At least for the moment, I’m thinking that Mondays will be up in the air days. When I can do my hour of paperwork and my art/craft, or I can do one or the other, or I can do neither, and I’ll simply play each Monday by ear. On to today. My hour of paperwork today wasn’t so much an hour of paperwork as 4-5 hours of “swatching.” And...
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