Hello Friday


Sneaky Friday fell off a cliff

So last Friday fell of the cliff into the ocean and sank to the bottom. I’m sure of it. It was Thursday, then all of a sudden it was Saturday. Because Friday is a sneaky one.

But two weeks meant there was lots of shawl progress. From this


to this.


A post about swatching, loving it, hating it, and taking the shoulds out of it.

I adore swatching, but I think that’s because I use it as a way to play and experiment with my knitting. I don’t see it as something I have to do, or something I should do. Swatching is just another tool to learn about your knitting. I don’t knit a million swatches for every project or design. Hell sometimes I don’t even knit one swatch before I start a design. Sometimes I just wing it, and hope that what I’ve learned from previous projects and swatches, (and the ability to rip it out if it goes wrong) will get me to the end of the shawl.

I also added a page outlining the Shawl Geometry Series of books. Shawl Geometry I, is here now. Shawl Geometry II is done and being made available to the people on the Announce! Announce! list this afternoon!Then it’ll be available to everyone next week. I’m getting ready to send The Map to test readers, maybe this weekend if I sit down to write the conclusion, and I’m getting ready to swatch for the Mutant Edition.

So if you want first access to Shawl Geometry II, sign up for the Announce! Announce! list here. Otherwise you’ll need to wait till next week.


Hello Friday: sunshine, writing, changing the shawls

Hello Friday!

This week there was:

Next week:

  • will not be this week.
  • a thing with Tara.
  • more knitting.
  • more writing.
  • more shawls.


I’m playing with a (non sucky) Friday ritual.
I’d love to hear any thoughts or ideas, your Friday ‘rituals’ if you have them. You’re totally welcome to look at your week, past or future, here (or on your own.)
But either way, be nice, and I’d rather not have shoulds. ie. “you should…”