You know it’s a good vacation when you don’t really take photos…

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on a boat

dog waiting


You know it’s a good vacation when you don’t really take photos…

I spent a couple days in Maine last week with family, I got back a couple days ago, and have been playing catch up ever since.

We spent tons of time boating and relaxing and playing with pupps. And I spent basically the whole time avoiding my computer and phone except when necessary. I didn’t take a knitting, spinning, weaving, or any other fiber project with me, instead I spent a lot of time reading.

And since I’ve been back I’ve been catching up on client work, and trying to get the third Shawl Geometry book ready to send to the technical editor.

But I’m itching to pick up where I left off weaving small square a couple weeks ago.

Over on Who Wears Who, I wrote about the outfit that I basically lived in all week in Maine. It’s more “styled” in the photos I took before I left, but it’s basically the same look. I talked all about it, and how I “unstyled” it for vacation right here.

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