January 25, 2017


a week of friends, indie businesses, and knitting one repeat at a time

Each Wednesday, I post a snapshot of the projects I’m working on, and where my brain is at.

What do I have swirling around my brain right now?

Supporting friends.
Supporting small, indie businesses.
Knitting one repeat at a time.

These are the things swirling around in my head right now.

Supporting friends, even when it means carving out time that you feel like you don’t have.
Supporting small, indie businesses, even when it would be faster or cheaper not to.
Knitting one repeat at a time, even when it feels like one repeat is no progress.

Supporting friends.

Michele Wang, who I’m lucky enough to count as a friend, was in town last weekend doing a couple events for the release of her new Capsule collection for Brooklyn Tweed! So I swung by Purl Soho on Friday evening to pick up a copy, pet all the samples, and give Michele a congratulations hug.

The collection is incredible, the fit of the sweaters and the quality of the book is impeccable – but then again I’d expect nothing else from BT or Michele. Michele made a video about the collection over on her youtube channel, if you want to see more of it.

Supporting small, indie businesses.

I’ve been eyeing Deer and Doe’s Fumeterre Skirt pattern for awhile now. The panels, the details, the styling, heart eyes!

And while I could have drafted my own pattern to create this style of skirt, I figured I’ve been eyeing it for ages, plus I have the resources, plus I appreciate indie businesses (not to mention their printing on recycled paper, and multi language pattern), so I went ahead and bought the pattern.

And since shipping was a flat rate, I threw in the Arum Dress pattern as well.

Yes. I know I said I don’t really do dresses.

Arum is really cute, and their styling was awesome, so I got it.

Knitting one repeat at a time.

Last week I picked back up my Lady Bat sweater, and knit a row.

This week I worked on my Lady Bat sweater, and knit a repeat

I started writing this post this week thinking “I’ve gotten no knitting done – no knitting, no knitting, no knitting.”

Until I remembered that you can only knit a sweater (and do lots of other things) one stitch at a time.