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I dove back into my Banaue Breeze this week. I had originally intended to weave in the ends, and then block it and have it finished.

But as I was looking over my sweater I didn’t love the finishing that the pattern had you do. The pattern called for picking up, knitting a handful of rows, and then working a stretchy bind off.

I decided I’d prefer my sweater if I picked up, knit fewer rows than called for, and worked an i-cord bind off. I’ve used an i-cord bind off on most of the necklines on most of my other sweaters, and have always loved the results.

So, I ripped out my bind off, ripped out a couple rows of knitting, and worked an i-cord bind off – which I’m liking much more. Now all that’s left is (again) to weave in the ends, wash and block it (and photograph it, of course).

And as promised, an update on the Shawl Geometry Books Update.

Shawl Geometry Book One is live!!! It’s finished and available! And ready to help you with all your shawl shaping needs! (Books two and three are coming soon!)

You can purchase the book here through the website! Or here on Ravelry!!

If you’ve already bought the first edition of Shawl Geometry Book One, check your inbox for the update! You should have received an email with a download link for the second edition. That email also has instructions on how to get the book added to your Ravelry library. If you don’t see the email, (make sure you’re checking the email linked to your paypal account), check your spam folder, and if it’s still not there shoot me an email!

If you want to learn more about the Shawl Geometry Series, and buy your very own copy of the updated, expanded, and fully revised edition of Shawl Geometry Book One, click here.

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