November 23, 2016


Why do you need that many knitting needles?

Each Wednesday, I post a snapshot of the projects I’m working on, and where my brain is at.


This week, I’m still knitting away on my free-form stockinette thing. What it will become is still to-be-determined. And I’m still finding the act of curling string into loops incredibly comforting in it’s consistency.

I still have a pile of ends to weave in. But today, I wanted to write about materials, and how they influence our experience of making.

Because this week, I switched my project from wooden knitting needles to metal ones, and it’s making for an exponentially more enjoyable knitting experience.

I have a lot of knitting needles. And a lot of sewing needles. And a lot of scissors.
(Not to mention a lot of fabric, fiber, yarn, clothes, books, and papers.)

Occasionally, someone (usually a “non-maker” aka muggle) will comment on the multitudes that I have.

“Do you really need that much yarn? That much fabric?”
“How many scissors?”

“Metal, AND wood, AND plastic knitting needles? How many sizes?”

And the answer is “of course.”

Of course, I have that much yarn, that much fabric, that many scissors, needles in many types.

Could I stand to let go of some things? Of course, who couldn’t?
Will I still have many, and multitudes? Of course I will, I make things out of stuff.

I make things out of stuff, and making requires materials plus tools.

And the tools we use make a difference in how we experience the making.

Can you knit something beautiful if your yarn catches on your needles? Of course you can.
Will the experience of knitting that something be enjoyable? Not so much.

And ultimately, making is a much about the process of making the object, as it is about the object you end up with.