August 17, 2016


five more pieces, and then this book is back off my desk

Each Wednesday, I take stock of the projects I’m working on, and where my brain is at.

cat editing a book

  1. intro
  2. outro
  3. resources
  4. cover
  5. front/back matter bits & pieces

Those are the four big pieces left in the first Shawl Geometry book before it is off my desk and back in the hands of editors & first readers.

And that is a good chunk of my to-do list for today and tomorrow.

This step is probably my least favorite part of writing/publishing – the last small fiddly bits & pieces that require a lot of focus, and a lot of attention, and a lot of time, but that aren’t at all interesting.

But at the same time getting to this point in the process means the project is getting super close to finished. And getting the first of the second edition of the Shawl Geometry Books done is something I’m pretty damn excited about.