July 20, 2016


alternating between book edits, and sewing a dress

Each Wednesday, I take stock of the projects I’m working on, and where my brain is at.

editing shawl geometry book

sewing maxi dress

I’m working on the second round of scribbly edits for Shawl Geometry Book One, before I send it to my technical editor sometime next week. There are definitely still notes, but significantly fewer notes than in the first round – which is always the aim.

And I did spend a day this week alternating between editing, and sewing on my no-longer-really-an-Anna Dress. My aim was to reinvigorate the summer wardrobe infusion project, finish the second round of edits on book one, and also finish sewing my no-longer-really-an-Anna Dress.

I did manage to finish the edits that day, and also spend some time with my summer wardrobe infusion, but I didn’t manage to finish the dress. It turns out, putting “finish book edits” and also “finish dress” is too much of a to-do list for some days.