July 14, 2016


How do you reinvigorate a stalled project? – Summer Wardrobe Infusion Update #2

Handmade Summer Wardrobe Infusion

We’re about halfway through July, and there are no ifs, ands, or buts, about summer being well and truly here. But my plans for infusing my wardrobe with summery clothing? Feeling a little stuck in the muck at the moment.

So I thought now would be a good time to take a step back and look at the whole picture.

My Original Summer Wardrobe Infusion Plans

In case you don’t remember (because I certainly didn’t) my original plan was:

: tank tops & camisoles
: overshirts
: PJ bottoms (!?)
: maxi sundresses
: my well-traveled sweater

Not sure what the PJ bottoms were about, but whatever, they’ve gotten nixed.

So how’s the plan going?

Tank tops & camisoles

Status: drafted the pattern. Made one. Tweaked the pattern. And have fabric for more.
Next Step: make a second to test the tweaks to the pattern (and to have another tank top).


Status: pattern drafted. Cut one.
Next Steps: sew first shirt together. Tweak pattern if necessary.

PJ bottoms

Status: nixed.

Sundresses #1: the no-longer-really-an-Anna Dress

Mental Status: bogged down in over thinking.
In the Fabric Status: the skirt is cut & sewn, the skirt lining is cut & sewn, the bodice was decided on, the bodice fabric & lining were cut.
Next Steps: buy a zipper. sew the bodice together.

Sundress #2: the Plaid Sundress from SFO Fabric

Status: waiting in the wings.

Well-Traveled Sweater

Status: Finished!! Just in time for summer…
It is the perfect weight for sometimes chilly summer evenings, so I’m sure it’ll get worn this summer, but I did manage to finish it just as spring turned into summer.

And then there are the unplanned clothing projects

Of course some of the reason that my summer wardrobe infusion plans aren’t going quite as planned, is because of the clothing projects I’ve worked on that weren’t part of the original plan.

Mended Uniqlo Jeans

Status: Finished! Washed! Fantastic!

Lady Bat Sweater

Status: on the needles.
Getting ready to add more length to the front & back pieces.
I have the feeling that this sweater will be slow going for awhile. The yarn is pretty fuzzy, which makes knitting with it in high humidity weather rather horrible.

Summer Wardrobe Infusion Next Steps

I know from my self-made wardrobe project, that I prefer sewing when I have an extended period of time to concentrate on a project. I like sewing in multi hour chunks of time, and prefer sewing during the day, rather than in the evenings.

So, I think the next step for this wardrobe project is to see if I can do some schedule flipping about and find an afternoon to devote to this project. Where that afternoon will come from, I’m not entirely sure, but I’ll find it somewhere.


Another possibility is spending a day alternating between scribbling out Shawl Geometry edits, and sewing. Which, now that I’m thinking about it, feels far more doable than freeing up an entire afternoon in my schedule.