a sewn skirt, finished sweater, hand-drawn graphics, and a Lady Bat

Each Wednesday, I take stock of the projects I’m working on, and where my brain is at. 

sewing machine


I-cord bind off

shawl geometry graphics

casting on a new sweater

In the world of my summer wardrobe infusions – I got the skirt of my no longer going to be an Anna Dress sewn together over the weekend. Still not 100% sure what I want to do for the bodice, but I am loving the skirt so that must be a good sign.

And I finished my well traveled sweater! Finished & posted, because is a finished garment really finished if you don’t have photos of it?

I finished the sweater, took photos of it, and then yesterday, I promptly ripped out the decrease bind off at the neckline to replace it with an i-cord bind off. When I was originally knitting this sweater, I knew it was quite possible I wouldn’t have enough yarn, so when I was altering the neckline the first time, I decided to do a standard decrease bind off (instead of my go-to i-cord bind off) because it consumes less yarn. But ever since I finished the neckline, I’ve been wanting to alter that, so I’m really glad I had enough yarn left to do so.

The Shawl Geometry Update is progressing, I’m laying out + creating graphics for the third book (I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I find it so much easier to sketch technical graphics by hand before creating them on a computer), and editing the photos for the first and second. My hope is that once I get into editing, I’ll be able to put together a more definitive timeline for wrapping this project up.

And because I finished my travel sweater, I cast on for a new project. I’m knitting someone else’s pattern for a change – Lady Bat by Teresa Gregorio. I’m knitting the thing on size US 7 needles, and after a whole sweater on US 4s, am loving how fast it’s knitting up.

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