finishing a rug and building 75 feet of bookshelves before getting on a plane Friday morning

Each Wednesday, I take stock of the projects I’m working on.





As my extended holiday stay/mid-adventuring pit stop at my parent’s house comes to an end, the 10 year in progress latch hook rug just needs a couple more hours of work, 75 ft of bookshelves have been built, half a dozen boxes of books unpacked, a million jewel cases (all containing gems, of course) discovered, and some serious puppy cuddling has gone on.

I’m hoping to unpack a couple more boxes, and finish that rug before hopping on a plane to California, at stupid-o’-clock Friday morning.

PS! I did an interview with Jill Wolcott, about knitting, designing, and who, what & where inspires me, you can read it over on her blog.

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