typing isn’t very photogenic and coming back with fresh eyes is all part of the process

Each Wednesday, I take stock of the projects I’m working on.

computer and messy desk

I’m tired this morning. It’s gloomy outside.
I’ve worked on no craft projects this week. And typing isn’t very photogenic.

I haven’t figured out how to type & knit (or sew, or embroider) at the same time.
And most of my free time this week, was spent sorting through my wardrobe.

It turns out,
that after leaving your clothes in a drawer for a year,
sorting through them is pretty easy.

So this week has left me with,
a pile of clothes & stuff to go to housingworks,
yarn forming into piles – projects at their tentative beginnings,
many typed words,
many deleted words,
and a love affair with the enter key.

I thought about not posting this morning.

But not working on a project,
is part of working on it.

Space and distance and rest,
coming back with fresh eyes,
– part of any creative process.

And if Wednesdays are for taking stock of the projects I’m working on,
then isn’t noticing the times of non-progress,
part of the process of taking stock?

And in reality,
I have worked on a project – all week long,
that ebook about color
that’s passing from the realm of ideas,
where anything is possible
and coming down to land in reality,
with all it’s constraints.

But that passage is messy,
and on a super gloomy Wednesday morning,
all that typing doesn’t feel like progress at all.

I’ve written enough things that I know that this is just part of it
(for me).
It’s just where I’m at,
and it prompts me to appreciate the objective progress,
of creating things with hands and fiber.

I don’t need cheering up or motivation,
though I’d love company in the comments,
and any thoughts you’ve thunk on making/creating/creativity/etc.

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  1. Margaret

    “Not working on a project is part of working on it”

    Yes!!!!! and a project-in-process can be so great to just think about… meditate on… mull over for a while. Some of my projects-in-process make me feel safe and happy when I think about them. Others make me feel anxious. I wonder what the difference is?

    1. Holly

      haha! Thanks Margaret – for me the different is how much pressure and uncertainty I feel about the project. If I’m feeling good about a project – letting it simmer for a couple days feels fine. But if I’m feeling any sort of pressure about a project (self imposed or otherwise) – overworking the project is almost inevitable.

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