September 30, 2015


dabbling in embroidery

Each Wednesday, I take stock of the projects I’m working on.

geometric embroidery

I added a couple more rounds to my bead crochet snake, but the main project that got my focus this week was an ancient embroidery project that I’ve finally decided what to do with. The stitching is simple, geometric & meditative – so really, it’s all about picking colors.

I can also see a glimmer of the end of  the month of crazy busy. Fingers crossed.

But tomorrow, I’m super excited to share an interview with Teresa Gregorio (aka CanaryKnits), all about the new book she’s working on (and kickstarting) with Leah Coccari-Swift (aka RubySubmarine). The book is a Twin Peaks inspired collection called Great Northern, that promises some amazing sweater patterns inspired by log ladies and jelly doughnuts. It’s always wonderful talking with Teresa, and I can’t wait to share what she has to say.