sweater planning, skirt sewing, spinning, and bundles of shawls

Each Wednesday, I take stock of the projects Iā€™m working on.

pile of yarn

sewing a skirt

spinning yarn

What I’m working on…

: planning a new sweater – I’m thinking a light, easy, breezy tunic. Simple to wear & simple to knit

: sewing a new skirt – just a waistband & miles of hemming to go.

: spinning – I started spinning the 2nd half of the yak/merino blend from a couple weeks ago.

: also! I took advantage of Ravelry’s designer bundle feature, so come browse through some bundles of brain bending shawl pattern & stunningly simple ones.

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  1. Lucky you! I’m still knitting my “a hint of summer” and enjoying it, and impatiently waiting for my drop spindle and fiber to arrive in the mail. Tunics are great – nowadays I wear mostly dresses, skirts, and tunics with leggings (the non-transparent ones). Reading your blog, I want to sew again. šŸ™‚

    1. Holly

      I’m so glad the blog is inspiring you to sew again! Tunic + leggings is a pretty excellent combination. Are you taking up spinning?! – it’s addicting! šŸ™‚

      1. I have no idea if I’m taking up spinning yet! My drop spindle and fiber should arrive soon, and I’ll try it out for the first time. Hopefully my cats won’t get too interested in it and disrupt the process, though I suspect they would love a dangling thing with string. I thought about getting a spinning wheel, but it’s so expensive, and I’ve never even tried one yet. I don’t think we have any such classes where I live. Maybe if/when I next travel to Europe I might get one, or try out a spinning class. I’m trying to knit summer things now, because it doesn’t get too cold here. I found some Lithuanian 3 ply linen yarn (lace weight I think) for rather cheap on etsy, so I might get that. It’s cool that you’re showcasing your progress on your blog – I’m still not actively updating my knitting blog. Though I used to keep a sewing blog, a few years ago. As for sewing, the cats are disruptive, being too interested in the machine and thread and fabric. I’d really like a place with an extra room where I could keep the sewing stuff out and close the door. Just the thought of spreading out fabric for cutting or paper for drafting a pattern and then having the cats jump on it and mess it up is quite discouraging… So lately sewing-wise I’ve stuck to smaller simpler things, like cushions for the cats and mending my boyfriend’s jeans. Rather sad! šŸ™‚

        1. Holly

          Massive luck with the spinning!! And with summer knits – that one’s always a bit tricky.
          I don’t currently have a cat, but when I did he used to like walking on the sewing machine treadle when I wasn’t using it. It only took one or two massive tangles before I learned to turn off the sewing machine when I wasn’t sitting at it. So I totally hear you on cats being disruptive. Luckily I found that my cat didn’t disrupt anything I was actively working on, so I could layout & cut patterns in relative peace, I just couldn’t walk away for more than 5 or so minutes. šŸ™‚

          1. Hah! You reminded me of this:
            It’s from a few years back, my cat Pushkin was especially enjoying shredding my traced pattern pieces. There are 3 cats (which I adopted) at my parents’ house, and 2 at my place. If I’m not careful, Nula, one of my cats, will eat and bite off the yarn I am working with. And actually ingest yarn. Don’t ask how I know…

            As for summer knitting – it’s not the REAL terrible summer yet, so I don’t know, but short sleeves, a cotton/bamboo/linen thread in lace to sport weight might work. I’ll soon know. Anyway, for now, I’m stuck in an office most of the day so it’s actually ironically cooler in summer indoors (people crank up the A/C).

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