January 28, 2015


a snowstorm, some knitting, and 1800 yards of thread

Each Wednesday, I post little snippets about what’s happening, and what I’m working on.

snowy fire escape

First off, the obligatory snowy photo. We got a decent amount of snow (more than ended up on the fire escape) – not nearly as much as other people though.

fixing my knitting

My snowstorm project of choice was the shawl I’m working on. Which included dropping down and re-knitting part of it when I didn’t follow my own pattern.

bead crochet bracelet

And more bead crochet bracelets.

empty spools of thread

Prior to the blizzard, over the weekend & into Monday, I was sewing a bunch of gigantic pieced together drops for a theater project. The project has already emptied 7 spools of thread (2 not pictured), for a total of 1800 yards of thread – and it’s not finished yet…