December 31, 2014


When I focus on one knitting project at a time, it shows.

Each Wednesday, I post little snippets about what’s happening, and what I’m working on.

A quick post again this week.

hand-spun hand-knit sweater

hand-spun hand-knit sweater

I only took one knitting project with me when I was traveling for Christmas, and when I focus on one knitting project at a time – it shows. I managed to finish the body of my handspun sweater the other day, even though I was only a couple inches into the yoke last week. I’ll maybe start the sleeves tonight, but more likely tomorrow or Friday.

And that’s it!

This is the last post of 2014, hope you have a fantastic New Years, and I’ll be back Friday for the first post of 2015, and Week 22 of the self-made wardrobe.

Happy New Years!!!