December 17, 2014


puppy proofing my self-made wardrobe

Each Wednesday, I post little snippets about what’s happening, and what I’m working on.

Archer Button Up Shirt

Most of this week was focused on finishing up my first “Archer” button up shirt. It’s now finished – except for the buttons & button holes. I’m hoping to pick up some buttons tomorrow and actually finish it over the weekend.

This is step one in puppy proofing my self-made wardrobe. My dad got a new puppy a couple months ago, and as it turns out my Graphic Silk Circle Skirt (with it’s handkerchief hem), and my Deconstructed Sweater (with it’s extra long sleeves, giant cowl, and dangling threads) are just too tempting for a 4 month old puppy, so when I went to visit for Thanks giving, my sleeves & hems spent a lot of time in the puppy’s mouth.

Luckily nothing ripped, but I’d rather not tempt fate. So step one to puppy proofing my self-made wardrobe is a basic button up shirt that I can just throw on, with no dangling threads, or giant cowls.

And step two is jeans. Step two might not happen by the next time I visit, but either way, it really needs to happen soon. (Which I’ve been saying since week six…)

finished knitting a sleeve

I also finished up the sleeves of my purple raglan cardigan. I was worried I’d run out of yarn, but I had enough (yay!) and now the sweater just needs a ton of ends woven in (one of the downsides of knitting a sweater completely out of order), a soak and a block.