November 5, 2014


single minded knitting focus

Each Wednesday, I post little snippets about what’s happening, and what I’m working on.

Single minded knitting focus, gets pretty boring after awhile.

knitting in black and white

My winter coat is all I’m working on.

Some other ideas are brewing in the background, but as far as crafting goes, this is it. No spinning. No sewing. No other knitting.

I put the body together, have picked up for the sleeves, and am halfway through sleeve number 1. This means it’s absolutely no-longer a portable knitting project, and while I knit, it’s doing double duty as a blanket.

My plan is to close up part of the side-seams & underarm seams, once I get both sleeves halfway knit. I’m doing this so I can get a better understanding of the proportions of the sweater/coat.

I’ll get some better photos and write a more in-depth post, once I close up the side seams and it stops looking like a grey alpaca blob.