October 3, 2014


The Self-Made Wardrobe Week 9 – Welcome to October!

The Self-Made Wardrobe is a project where I only wear garments I’ve made, for one year.
You can read more about the project, and catch up on past posts, here.


It’s the end of week 9, and the second month of this project!
(I’ll try not to wait a month to post the wrap up for September.)

It’s getting a little chilly here…

I pulled out tights for the first time yesterday, and was cursing them throughout the day, but was very glad I had them when I was coming home last night.

We’re having typical New York fall weather, where you’re screwed no matter what you wear. What’s perfect for during the day isn’t enough once the sun goes down, and what’s perfect for mornings & evenings sucks throughout the day. And it feels like no matter what you wear, you’re stuck carrying layers around.

All that to say, I’m knitting like the wind.

The boring black sweater feels like the sweater that will never end – sometimes having a long torso really sucks – but it is moving along. I would say I’m a little over halfway done with the body.

I’m hoping to block my transitional sweater tonight, and install the zipper this weekend, because this really is the perfect weather for that sweater. The only thing holding it up at the moment is weaving in all the ends, but I’ll suck it up and push through them, because I want the sweater.
(Side thought: that’s one really good thing about shawls, you generally only have two – maybe four – ends to weave in when all is said and done.)


Welcome to October!